DIAS Management is a Swiss Firm specialising in Training and Consultancy for Business and Management.

Training programs include workshops, seminars, and field studies. Such programs are delivered at the facilities of DIAS in Baden (near Zurich) in Switzerland or at any location around the world depending upon the convenience of the participants. Training programs in the recent years were conducted by DIAS in numerous countries including Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Saint Lucia.

The trainers for the programs are drawn on a case-to-case basis from a wide network of experts associated to DIAS. This includes university professors, researchers, specialised consultants, senior managers, and entrepreneurs.    

Training programs can be customised to the special requirement of the participants. DIAS was in the past engaged to develop and conduct training programs for Staff of Government Ministries, the European Union, Non-Government Organisations, Associations and Enterprises.

In the past DIAS has conducted training programs in a wide variety of fields including Business Panning, Business Financing, Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Business Negotiations, Corporate Culture, Location Marketing and Trade Promotion.