Investment and trade promotion
DIAS is specializing in assisting governments and their trade and investment promotion agencies to develop business co-operations with Switzerland; namely promote exports to Switzerland and / or attract direct investments form Swiss enterprises. Particular services offered are:

  • Development of concepts and programs for promotion events (conferences, seminars, missions, etc)
  • Market to a targeted audience to attract Swiss investors and / or importers
  • Identification, mobilization and coaching of speakers
  • Preparation of related promotion materials (invitations, brochures, handbooks)
  • Organization of event-related logistics (conference rooms, technical equipment, catering, etc.)
  • Run the event (register participants, prepare participation lists, provide reception personnel, etc.)
  • Moderate the program
  • Organize and moderate bilateral meetings between foreign delegates and Swiss participants 
  • Conduct follow-up with event participants

Education and re-training programs
DIAS in co-operation with national and international partners, among which the most prominent is the "Napier University Business School" in Edinburgh, Scotland offers educational packages in the following fields:

  • Best Practice Investment Promotion
  • Regional Economic Planning and Finance
  • Intercultural Business Negotiations
  • Business Planning
  • Financing Direct Investment Projects
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Technology Transfer
  • Tourism Investment Promotion
  • Project Appraisal

Training packages provided are:

  • Two-year Masters of Science Degree Programs (Flexible-distance learning,
  • Doctorate programs
  • Compact one-two week training programs

Board Directorships
DIAS offers, whenever appropriate, its experts to positions as members of Board of Directors, Steering Committees, and Supervising Boards of Enterprises, Educational Institutions and Business Associations.

Interim Management
Dias experts are also available to manage client projects or/and take the overall responsibility of managing adinterim the overall business, or part of business of a client.


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