Prof. Dr. Mario Vella

Professor Dr Mario Vella is Director of Foreign Direct Investment with Grant Thornton in Malta, where he is also responsible for Libya business advisory services and from where he services a broad range of private and public sector clients in various countries.
A former CEO of the Malta Development Corporation (now Malta Enterprise), senior associate consultant at SOFI (see and Economist Intelligence Unit correspondent, Professor Vella  was also foreign direct investment advisor to the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Economic & Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament, the Prime Minister of Malta and currently advises its Leader of the Opposition.
Professor Vella studied philosophy, sociology and international political economy at, respectively, the Universities of Malta, London (LSE) and Berlin (Humboldt).
He teaches Political Economy & Sociology of Development and Economic Sociology at the University of Malta. He is also visiting fellow in FDI studies at Nottingham Business School.
Professor Vella teaches Political Economy and Sociology of Development and Economic Sociology at the University of Malta, is visiting professor at Edinburgh Napier University, where he was instrumental in conceiving and developing the MSc Investment Promotion & Economic Development, liaising with international partners and the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), and for which course he teaches International Competitiveness & Foreign Direct Investment. He is also Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, and has been a visiting lecturer at the universities of Urbino and Milan (ASERI, Universita' Cattolica).
Professor Vella is senior associated consultant of DIAS.













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