Lukas Schärer

Mr. Lukas Schaerer graduated with a Masters in Economics (lic. oec. publ.) from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Since 1986 he has worked on projects related to Russia and other CIS countries, including feasibility studies, environmental assessments, business plan developments, partner searches for joint ventures and investment implementation projects.

Mr. Schaerer’s expertise lies in the agricultural and food processing sectors. He initiated the development of a basic model for the restructuring of the Russian agricultural sector (MTS2 project) which was implemented in Orel, Russia and Poltava, Ukraine, respectively. He conducted this project with a group of Swiss specialists, representatives of Swiss enterprises and other investors.

In 1991 and 1992 Mr. Schaerer spearheaded a large humanitarian aid operation to Russia together with Swiss and Russian governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Mr. Schaerer joined SOFI in 1997. He is Deputy Managing Director, Administration as well as Director of the Caucasus and Central Asian Republics. He speaks German, English, Italian and French, and has a working knowledge of Russian.




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