DIAS was established by KPMG Switzerland for operating SOFI, the "Swiss Organisation for Facilitating Investments".  SOFI was an initiative of SECO, the "State Secretariat for Economic Affairs" within the Swiss Ministry of Economy. It has been founded in 1997 and mandated to promote direct investments of enterprises from Switzerland and other OECD countries to countries with economies under development or in transition.  SOFI has promoted investments in more than 80 countries and has supported thousands of enterprises developing their investment projects in these countries. The services by SOFI were twofold a) Promoted the idea of investment to specific countries though organization of conferences, seminars, business missions, and identification and dissemination of investment opportunities, and b) Assisting individual enterprises with gathering and evaluating information on the business environment of investment target countries, partner search and assessment, business planning support, financial engineering and search of funds.

DIAS was operating SOFI on the basis a management and service agreement. Though this agreement it provided to SOFI the personnel, infrastructure and required networks to execute the work.

In 2007 the investment promotion mandate given to SOFI by SECO reached its conclusion and thus SOFI was closed down. The DIAS company, within the KPMG Group, which was created by the sole objective to operate SOFI, was then transferred to the ownership of Managers (management buy-out) that have been responsible for the SOFI operations. In this respect DIAS continues to provide, on a commercial basis, some services similar to those offered in the past by SOFI.  










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